Lidická kolonie 1108, 586 01 Jihlava

+420 605 200 555

Quality and professionalism is the least FIRESI can promise.

People at FIRESI take pride in their work and put all their experience and knowledge into ensuring that our customer is satisfied.

Moreover, to guarantee the best possible perfomance of our fire protection systems we develop our own equipment, technology and approaches in fire safety. Our goal is not to only to surpass the competition, but to constantly outperform ourselves.

We do a lot of experiments for our research, however, never do we allow ourselves to experiment with our customers. We fulfill our contractual responsibilities, but at the same time verbal agreements and handshakes carry as much importance for us.

Our competitors are often frustrated because of us, and so are their buyers after finding out that they are facing many additional costs after buying equipment or services. Our products are effective, economic, and durable without complicated maintenance.

In our job that is done, there is always an element of fun. But we never play with fire and therefore all our products and technology is properly certified.

We won’t leave you until we’ve made sure that your property, work and live is safe from fire. It is seeked and appreciated by a lot of customers in Europe and beyond.

We will stop any fire, but the fire of our passion for what we do will never stop burning.