Our company, since its establishment, has designed and implemented many fire protection solutions and worked on many important projects. However, in recent years we have mainly focused on the development and production of fire safety devices for the protection of battery storage facilities, data centers and the engine compartment of buses and trucks. So take a look at some of our implementations.

Protection of servers and technology cabinets

Data center fires may be rare, but when they do occur, the consequences are usually devastating, not only for the data center service providers themselves, but also for the millions of users (including companies and small businesses) who lose their business data. Quick and effective fire protection is therefore in place.

Protection of buses and transport equipment

The installation of fire protection systems in buses is mandatory for the safety of both passengers and drivers. A fire in the engine compartment of a bus can cause devastating damage and put lives at risk. That’s why FIRESI systems are specially selected to withstand the harsh conditions found in a vehicle's engine compartment. With its reliable fire protection, FIRESI helps protect passenger lives from the risks posed by a vehicle fire.

Battery storage protection

As renewable energy powers the future, the need for reliable and cost-effective energy storage is critical. However, there is also a need for reliable fire prevention including early warning detection in combination with suitable and effective extinguishing systems.


All our products and offered technologies are properly certified and tested. Look at our videos showcasing the testing process that our products go through to ensure high quality and performance. At FIRESI, we are committed to providing our customers with the best products on the market, testing and certifications are crucial steps in achieving that goal.