New innovative products in our portfolio

During the past year, our team dedicated considerable effort to developing new innovations and broadening our product range with cutting-edge fire protection solutions.

Allow us to introduce the latest enhancements to our lineup:

FRSystem LP Li - an expansion of our battery storage fire suppression capabilities to include automatic extinguishing of Li-ion batteries (we had introduced LiFePO fire suppression in 2023).

FRSystem LP R - a specialized system designed for extinguishing oil fryers and extractor hoods fires.

FRSystem LP M - advanced equipment tailored for extinguishing fires involving combustible metals of fire class D.

In the near future, we will provide comprehensive details about these innovative products on our website.

However, should you wish to learn more about these solutions immediately, please feel free to reach out to us.

Certificate for the Ukrainian market FRS-RACK3

On November 30th, we obtained certification for the Ukrainian market endorsing our FIRESI product FRS-RACK3 - a local, fully automated detection and extinguishing system engineered for protecting Data Center servers.

This certification enables us to formally introduce this product into the Ukrainian market, ensuring its quality and user safety are guaranteed.

We take pride in our contribution to fire protect server systems in this region, offering dependable fire protection and extinguishing solutions for both businesses and end-users across Ukraine.

International Engineering Fair and Smart Energy Forum

FIRESI's management participated in both the International Engineering Fair and the Smart Energy Forum last year.

During the Engineering Fair, AERS, a member of the Fenix Group, showcased its battery storage facilities, safeguarded by FIRESI's automatic fire extinguishing equipment. We take great pride in this collaboration, just as we do in our FRSystem LP Li solution designed for the automatic extinguishing of both Li-ion and LiFePO batteries.

Furthermore, at the Smart Energy Forum workshop, there was an open discussion on fire risk prevention in battery storage operations. A presentation on this topic was delivered by the Quality Manager and Metrologist of the accredited PV and battery systems diagnostics laboratory at FEL CTU in Prague.

Within this discussion, the FIRESI FRSystem LP Li solution was highlighted as one of the fire protection alternatives for both home and industrial battery storage facilities.

Full-format tests with SZU Brno

In 2023, we accomplished a series of comprehensive full-format tests backed by certifications from Engineering Testing Institute (SZU) Brno.

We thoroughly tested and confirmed the fire extinguishing capabilities of the following products and solutions:

1. FRSystem LP Li - Fire suppression system for lithium-ion battery storage (expanding our offerings beyond LiFePO extinguishing).

2. FRSystem LP R - Fire suppression of oil fryers and extractor hoods.

3. FRSystem LP M - Fire suppression of combustible metals, addressing fire Class D hazards.


Together with our business partner Fipron Global, we participated in the FeuerTRUTZ trade fair in Nurnberg focused on fire protection.

We presented our new solution for a fire protection and extinguishing of data centers, battery storages, but especially we wanted to share with our potential clients our new company strategy focused on innovation, flexibility, a rich portfolio and comprehensive tailor-made solutions.

There is great interest in new innovative solutions in this area, and our director, as well as our entire team, believes that even in fire protection it is necessary to move further and be able to offer the customer a solution that is in line with the customer's needs and his business goals.


A Memodrandum of Cooperation was signed on March 28, 2023, between Firesi s.r.o. and the Public Association "Protection and Reliability" in Ukraine. This is a momentous occasion as it marks the beginning of peaceful cooperation and the building of a new Ukraine.

The Public Association "Protection and Reliability" was established in Ukraine in 2022 and comprises more than 10 of the largest Ukrainian companies in the production and supply of fire safety systems, scientific institutions, specialized laboratories, certification bodes, and state institutions dealing with fire safety protection in Ukraine. The main objective of this association is to enhance cooperation between Ukraine and EU countries in terms of fire systems and equipment legislation, production and supply.

Firesi s.r.o. was requested to enter the partnership and on March 28, 2023 a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between PA PaR Ukraine and Firesi. The chairman of the board of the public association PaR Viktor Grekov, represented the Ukrainian side during the singing, while František Klika, the company's executive, represented Firesi s.r.o.

Through the singing of the Memorandum, Firesi s.r.o. will serve as a point of contact and communication between professional institutions and specialized companies in the field of fire protection in Ukraine and the EU.

This is a significant step towards achieving cooperation and development in the field of fire safety in Ukraine.

AMPER EXPO 2023, Brno

Our two fire protection solutions were presented at the AMPER Expo 2023 (29th International Trade Fair for Electrical Engineering, Energy, Automation, Communication, Lighting and Security).

Our partner CONTEG showcased our FRS-RACK3 fire extinguishing system as part of their data center solution, while our client AERS then showcased the FIRESI EXTOR system as an integral part of their containerized battery storage.


FIRESI presented its fire extinguishing unit at the Schrack Seconet conference in Poland as part of BKT Elektronik's Data Center solution. We are very pleased to cooperate with the BKT Elektronik company, and it has also given our technician a chance to do live demonstration of the extinguishing process to a wider public.

And what was the feedback we received from our client?

"Hello John, thank you very much for your help in preparing and taking care of the whole extinguishing process. Your knowledge and efforts contributed to the joint success of our presentation at this huge conference and I am sure that working together will lead to mutual success. We will be happy to welcome you and invite you to participate in future events."


We presented our FRS-RACK3 product at the annual Seminar for experts in the field of safety, occupational health and fire protection in Slovakia. This seminar is organized every year by the Occupational Safety Institute. All safety and fire technicians from Slovakia meet here to learn the latest information, trends and exchange practical experience. FIRESI had the opportunity to participate in this event and share its experience, especially in the field of fire protection of data center technologies.